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ActOnThis was created within a weekend in January 2017 at a hackathon hosted by Debug Politics - an organization aimed at converting the tech community’s frustrations with politics into meaningful action.

Problem: Believe it or not, some organizations have more volunteers than they expect. What can we do to leverage this? How can we impact organizations, and make their lives organizing tasks simple?

Substantial change comes from a gathering of small actions. We created a product that made it easy for volunteers to take simple actions, as well as organizations to delegate those tasks.

We learned a lot. We presented in front of 200 participants and executives from IDEO, Bloomberg, Hillary for America, and Fred Wilson of Union Square Ventures.

Product Design
User Experience
User Interface
Brand Identity
Logo Design

ActOnThis Team of developers and designers

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A Meaningful Identity

Although this was a hackathon, the intent was to have this as a real product, ready for launch sometime the month after. A meaningful and thoughtful identity meant that the product could be adaptable across all mediums and channels, as well as signify change. The "check" is a symbol for actionable change and just "yes". Yes -- you did something that you should be proud of. Yes -- you marched alongside thousands.

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App IconsApp Icons

Browser Experience

A functional content scraper was built to detect certain key issues of an article and generate tasks from them.


Embeddable Widget

We built a custom widget, skinned to our branding, for news outlets and blogs to feature tasks.


The Landing Page

With crisp but functional typography and branding, we set out to craft our marketing landing pages. Volunteers would type their address and see where the need for their local communities are.

One of the challenges we faced were constantly switching roles and mindsets from ‘the volunteer’ to the organization (organizer, admin) themselves. We also had less than 48 hours to craft a pitch, so we had to figure out what angle we had to approach the problem at.

Main Landing Page v2Main Landing Page v2
Single Task ViewSingle Task View
Mobile ViewMobile View

Here were some of my biggest challenges:

Time: Because of time restraints, we had to consider what to make in terms of presenting a demo. We chose to focus on designing a site that catered towards volunteers, and their journey from reading about us on a press article (through embeds), to taking an action.

Process: This hackathon tested my process skills, both in making sure our own project tasks are completed, as well as maximizing everyone's time for efficiency's sake. It also tested my work with wireframing, whiteboarding, and collaboration.

Redundancy and Simplicity: Many people built similar-looking products that tried to solve the same problem. Although we made it to the final round of presentations, the top 2 winners had the simplest, and easy-to-understand idea. My mindset switched from "how can we implement this cool feature" to "how can we make this as simple as possible?"

See the full product showcase here!